Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Home of Hope

In the fall we learned that three of the children from one of our orphanages were taken into a foster home with 8 other children.  This came as a surprise to me, as foster care is pretty new here and there are very few people who are taking children into their homes, let alone this many.  The other interesting fact is that these three children were all special needs children.  When I hear about a situation like this, there is always a slight tendency for me to doubt the authenticity of the family.  I wonder what it is in it for them.  I wonder what they plan to do with the children.  Thankfully, in this case I was so completely wrong.

Last week we went to see our children to see if the foster mother and father would allow us to continue sponsoring them.  We were ushered into the dining room.  As we sat at the table, they slowly brought many of their children into the room.  Several of them had to be carried, due to physical disabilities that prevented them being able to walk.  Two of our boys were helping with the younger children.  It was so fun to see them already fitting in with the family.  They seem to be very happy.

I was amazed at this husband and wife. They have grown children of their own, but have taken in 11 children with disabilities and made them part of their family.  What impressed me the most was their love for the children and the way they have already taught them to be able to do things for themselves.  The mother and one of our boys are in Almaty now looking into a surgery he needs.  While they are there, they are picking up another brother who just had surgery.

I am so thankful to this family for showing me how hope is fostered.  I was challenged by the softness of their hearts and their willingness to see a problem and do something.  I want to take this opportunity to learn how to love better as a result of this great example.  

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